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1,000 Cuts – The New David Alix Thriller is out

​When two dead bodies turn up in Saumur, sliced slowly to an agonizing death, using an ancient Chinese torture method, police officer David Alix is called to help.

Known there as the "big shot from Tours", he quickly finds himself separated from his hometown by more than just distance. He's dumped into a new world where the rich and famous entertain themselves in ways David never knew existed.

As more bodies turn up, cut into a thousand pieces, the number of rich in Saumur is thinning drastically.

Can David solve the mystery and find the serial killer before he commits more atrocities? And are things as black and white as they seem?

Inspired by events and people of Paris, France, Cyril Malka has crafted a thrilling and riveting story of revenge and decadence.

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