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​Books in English by Cyril Malka

Marriage - Heaven or Hell?: A Psychotherapist's Easy 12-Step Guide to Relationship Bliss - October 2013

Want to know the secrets to a happy marriage or relationship? Cyril Malka has helped many hundreds of couples to get back together again and live in loving harmony.

In this book, you get 12 points on which you can work in order to hold on to your marriage, and enjoy a better and happier relationship.

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Seven Stitches - July 2015

John Doe was naked, tied with barbwire, impaled on a stub and very dead, when the woman found him in the woods.

One eye was missing, and his lips were sewed with seven stitches.

When detective David Alix found out that the brutally killed man was a Jehovah's Witness, and that he had been tortured according to Bible verses, he knew he was facing a serial killer.

But who could be behind the cruel crime? Who would be filled with so much hatred towards a man of faith?

This is the first title in the Alix Thriller Series series. Look for other books in the series where detective David Alix is facing serial killers.

While this book is part of a series, each book stands on its own.

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Smile of Death - February 2016

Detective David Alix faces once again a serial killer, as bodies turn up in bags. Each corpse wears what's known as the "Glasgow smile", a freakish ear-to-ear grimace resulting from small cuts made at the corner of the mouth before the victim was tortured.

One after one, the bodies are found. Tortured, killed... and then something strange. Weird items are found on the bodies:

An iron crown, spiked upon a skull.

A piece of chalk where the heart was supposed to be.

Alix can't decipher the meaning of these symbolic objects. He puts them on his whiteboard to study them further. What do they mean?

As more bodies show up, the number of symbols grows.

Then suddenly, a breakthrough. And a long list of future victims.

Can Alix and his team figure out the hidden meaning of the symbols, and find the killer, before he brutally exterminates every person on his list?

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1,000 Cuts - February 2017

When two dead bodies turn up in Saumur, sliced slowly to an agonizing death, using an ancient Chinese torture method, police officer David Alix is called to help.

Known there as the "big shot from Tours", he quickly finds himself separated from his hometown by more than just distance. He's dumped into a new world where the rich and famous entertain themselves in ways David never knew existed.

As more bodies turn up, cut into a thousand pieces, the number of rich people in Saumur is thinning drastically.

Can David solve the mystery and find the serial killer before he commits more atrocities? And are things as black and white as they seem?

Inspired by events and people of Paris, France, Cyril Malka has crafted a thrilling and riveting story of revenge and decadence.

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