The Next Book in the Alix Series is on its Way

medium(05/11-2015) – I have had quite a lot of problems with computers, lately. First both my Macs crashed totally: My iMac’s graphic card went out and my MacBook Pros graphic went the same way. I had the famous black screen of Mac.

Since I got tired of Apple, I bought a PC, a Lenovo… It worked three weeks, then <BLAM> it couldn’t find the harddisk. Not even the BIOS could see the harddisk. Lenovo couldn’t find out to send a technician to repair it, so they refund it to me.

I am now buying another one — a Lenovo again, but it hasn’t arrived yet.
So for a month or so, I haven’t really worked on my new Alix-thriller. Also because I needed to know how much work was lost and how much wasn’t. If Lenovo could repair my computer, then I wouldn’t have to recreate everything (or almost). When I found out that they couldn’t, then I knew what I had to do and to recreate and I began again.

I am way over halfway now and everything is going fine.

If I keep on the good work (which I will, of course!) then the book should be finished in the coming couple of weeks.

The cover is made and ready. Here it is.

It is on purpose that there is no title. I do have a title, but I don’t want to disclose it yet.

Stay tuned!

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