Excerpt from the Coming David Alix Thriller

What can there be in these?Here is an excerpt of the coming David Alix thriller. Actually in writing:

No  one  had  seen  Garnier  for  about two months before his body was found.  No one was worried. First of all, because not many cared about what  would  happen to him, and secondly, because he used to disappear for a while from time to time.

Obviously, he had been sequestered for a while under tough conditions. According  to  the  medical  examiner,  he  must  have  been locked in somewhere  for  more than a month. For at least twenty days, he didn’t have  anything  to eat other than cockroaches and very little water. He was reduced to drink his own urine.

Garnier  was given the so-called “Glasgow smile”, also called “Chelsea smile”.  The  Glasgow  smile is a wound caused by making small cuts on the  corners  of a victim’s mouth, then beating or stabbing him or her until  the muscles in the face contract, causing the cuts to extend up the  cheeks to the victim’s ears. This leaves a scar in the shape of a smile, hence the name.

From  the  marks  on his body, the examiner concluded that Garnier got the  small  cuts on the corner of his mouth and that he then was tied to  the  ceiling,  sometimes  upside  down, and was used as a punching bag. This must have happened on a regular basis because his brain had actually shrunk because of the violence.

Then,  at  a  moment,  he was given a crown of iron with spikes on the inside and this was literally hammered on his head so it got hooked on his skull.

After  several  weeks  of this treatment, Nicolas Garnier died and was dumped like garbage.

This  violent  treatment,  the  Glasgow  smile  which is often used by different  gangs  made  the  police  think of some kind of settling of accounts between Garnier and a gang.

They  were  working  on  this  lead when they found the body of Thomas Schneider.

Tomas  Schneider was 31 years old and had been missing for about three months when they found his body in…

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