Almost Out

disc-445271 1280So, my first thriller came back from editing and it is now ready to be printed. I am the one, who is thrilled because it is my first fiction book. Until now, I only have written about things I knew something about: psychology, therapy, all that. It is the first time I am following my imagination.

In this first book of the Alix series, we are presented to the main persons of the series: the main character is David Alix, but then you have Michael and Nicole who are important persons.

I already have the plot for the next one and even some terrible nasty ways to kill he coming victims, so the next Alix should follow shortly.

Here is a little part of the Seven Stings, the first book, so you can have an idea about what to expect…

Pain. White hot pain.

The man opened his mouth, but the scream he let out didn’t reach his ears.

Straps held his head and a clamp forced his mouth open very slowly. He tried to resist but it was impossible.

He tried to speak, but the words came out as gurgled, high-pitched sounds.

Then his torturer planted two hooks in the tip of his tongue and began to pull out.

He wanted to say no, to scream no, to move his head from left to right, to escape the excruciating pain in all his body, and now the pain in his tongue, but he was totally powerless.

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When he saw the curved blade of the knife come closer, he cried and he peed on himself.

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